Graham Park

About Me

When considering my professional life, I think it boils down to three passions of mine:

Software Engineering - Software engineering is quickly reshaping the world around us in some amazing ways. It has also created new problems that we have to navigate. I love being able to use my knowledge to build things that improve lives and having conversations about the implications of technology.

Effective Altruism - I have always been passionate about charity, but recent conversations in my religious and secular circles have brought light to how well-intentioned charities can be inefficient or even harmful. I think there's still a lot of potential for technology companies to aid this work.

Security - Security is such a fascinating field to be in and it has a huge impact. When building security products, you're engaging in a cat and mouse style game to keep ahead of malicious parties. This brings about some exciting challenges and considerations.

For more on my professional life, check out my Linkedin above. You can look through my latest photography or see my book recommendations above as well. I'm also starting up my blog, which will cover a bit of everything. Below are a couple recent posts.

Recent Articles

I just finished watching The Social Dilemma. While the film does a good job explaining the issues technology is facing, it doesn’t equip you with how to respond. As someone who has been passionate about these issues for a while, I wanted to...

A couple of months ago, I tried to find a site that covered software vulnerabilities targeted towards engineers. My thought was that by keeping up with recent vulnerabilities, I could learn not to repeat the mistakes myself. I couldn't find...

I officially started my job with Virtual Peaker a couple of months ago. I’m fortunate to have found such a perfect fit. I know many people are looking to make the next step in their career or land their first job, so I wanted to share my ti...

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