Graham Park

Four Ways to Respond to The Social Dilemma

Published on September 26, 2020

I just finished watching The Social Dilemma. While the film does a good job explaining the issues technology is facing, it doesn’t equip you with how to respond. As someone who has been passionate about these issues for a while, I wanted to share some easy ways you can respond.

Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport

This is an incredible book that dives deeper into some of the topics brought up in The Social Dilemma. Unlike the Social Dilemma, it actually walks you through how to reset your relationship with technology and create boundaries to help you get the most use out of digital tools.

If you want to read more, check out the beginnings of a list of books I’m putting together.


Switch your default search engine away from Google. DuckDuckGo doesn’t track you or tailor its results depending on who is searching. It only sells ads based on the search you just typed in, not the entire history of your web browsing. DuckDuckGo also donated millions of dollars to nonprofits trying to fight against the issues raised in The Social Dilemma.

This page shows you set by step how to change your search engine.


Message people on Signal whenever possible. Signal uses top-notch security to protect your messages, and it’s made by a nonprofit! Also, the code that runs the app is publicly available, so anyone can read it to make sure they’re not snooping on your messages.


Switch your browser to Firefox (click the link to download). Right now Chrome is the largest browser, but it’s also made by Google, which is the largest advertising company in the world. Firefox is run by a nonprofit, so rather than looking out for advertisers, they look out for you by blocking trackers by default.

I’ve got a ton more I could share, but to keep it actionable I limited the list to these four. If you’re interested in talking about this, feel free to message me on Signal! I’d love to chat.

Oh. And here a couple of podcasts to check out, although some aren’t putting out new episodes right now.